Being the mother of a 10-month old is a joyous experience. The constant babbles, gurgles and giggles wipe away every trace of gloom froat the beachm your days. Each little step she takes, each new gesture she learns is a glorious milestone in your life.

Nevertheless, the happily ripping off booksjourney is not a bed of roses; as anyone with a child would know. The night time wails, perpetually messy floors and diaper changes can drive any mother to the end of her tether.

Often in India, I hear parents lamenting over the dearth of good pavements and nursing facilities when out with their little ones. Here in Singapore, I feel with her prambrellablessed when out alone with my baby. The perfect pavements with not a pothole in sight allows smooth ride of the pram, the ramps along the MRT stations and lift facilities in every building makes transportation a breeze when compared to the congested, crowded roads in India.

I wouldn’t be doing justice to this post if I did not mention the excellent baby rooms aplenty in Singapore. Every mall, library, auditorium and tourist spot has at least one baby room. Usually located near to the ladies washroom, the directions to it are clearly mentioned on the floor plan and along the corridors of the buildings. It is a boon for any parent who is desperately searching for a place to change that soiled diaper, or comfort one’s wailing baby.

All baby rooms are equipped with a diaper changing station, a sink, tissues, hot water dispenser and waste bins. Most have one or two private nursing areas that are equipped with plug points, bag hangers and comfortable seats. Never have I entered a baby room that 20150509_164429 - Copyis littered or unhygienic. The sweet fragrance and soothing light that greets your eyes as you enter are an instant relief for your strained nerves. Here are the photos of two of my favourite baby rooms. I particularly enjoy the décor and colour scheme of these two; the green wallpaper with cute pictures and sparkling white slabs work in harmony to create a cheerful atmosphere for the babies too.

20150509_144408 - CopyThe tree with a swing brought back sweet memories of my own childhood, and Shreya was pretty curious about the butterflies that flitted around the bushes.

20150509_144436 - Copy

Cushioned changing tables make the baby feel comfortable, while straps hold her securely in place.

Hot water dispenser, tissue box and sink with soap and sanitiser dispensers are also situated nearby, which make it easy to single handedly change and clean my fidgeting baby.

It was truly relaxing to plop down into the soft sofa, while fastening Shreya in the wall-mounted baby seat.

Once, I ran out of diapers, and was relieved to find a diaper dispenser in the room which saved the day.

20150509_164829 - Copy20150509_164904

Efficient and effective childcare should be one of the primary aims of all nations. The civic authorities in Singapore take a supreme effort in ensuring a happy and healthy child hood and baby care.

I have traveled several times to Kerala, and was less than impressed on visiting the baby room at Cochin International Airport –


The room contains a long hard granite slab. The room being air-conditioned, the slab was unusually cold. Imagine resting your baby’s tender skin on it! A tiny washbasin gushing out ice-cold water stung my hands; and I had to make do with just water as there was no soap or sanitizer available. When I tried to dispose off the diaper, I found that the dustbin was filled up with soiled diapers from the previous flights. I was weary of nursing Shreya on the rickety chair in the corner, which looked like it had been taken right out of a Government office after years of ill treatment by a disgruntled employee.IMG-20150512-WA0004

What a contrast to the Singapore baby rooms! No comfy seats, no hot water, no safe diaper changing area, no privacy; not to mention a bleak ambience. All that welcomes the weary parent who has braved jet lag with a bawling baby is a monotonous space that looks and smells more like the washroom next door. And this is the condition at an international airport in the state of Kerala, which boasts 100% literacy. I dread to imagine if such a space even exists at tourist spots, railway and bus stations and libraries in other parts of India. I have heard that the new and upcoming malls in the Metros do claim to provide nursing rooms; although I am yet to verify them.

Some might argue that Singapore is more developed and economically well-off than India; but all it takes to implement a great baby room are some thoughtful planning and genuine concern for parents with babies. Even the equipments are not really expensive or hard to procure. A little bit of attention to detail will go a long way in helping nursing moms like me.

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