unniNamboothiri4All our deeds and thoughts revolve around the sole objective of gaining a comfortable and sinless after-life. Our obsession for ‘fortune in the after-life’ tugs us back into the depths of an exceptionally unusual type of degeneration. We do not honor bravery and manliness in the same light as the world does; even though we often demand mental purity, it does not have the same meaning that the modern world ascribes it. Neither do we value the concepts of dharma and adharma, and justice and injustice in the same manner as others. We can seldom accept even a mundane chore without the addition of at least a sprinkling of the ‘after-life fortune’ rituals. The consequence of adulterating any action with this distasteful poison is that we never possess the courage, manliness or confidence to act or speak in a direct and effective manner, ending up as an insignificant part of society.

I urge you all to kindly think from your heart! For every instance, we burden ourselves with futile concerns about virtues and sins. We are so haunted by them that we are constantly in a state of fear. We are afraid to even think deeply about certain issues. And if at all we think about them, we are terrified to speak out, let alone act on them.

Okay, let us leave all that aside. Don’t we all fear to drink water even when we are thirsty, at times? Sometimes, we think twice about eating food when hungry. Often we are overcome with dread when we desire to go out and mingle with people we like. You can decide for yourselves how much is the burden of this fear that we carry around with us.


  1. Dharma and adharma- In Hindu Sanskrit tradition, the eternal law of the cosmos, inherent in the very nature of things, and its opposing element.

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