This is a poem written by Shri M.K.Bhasi – a renowned Malayalee poet from Singapore. Now in his 80’s, he is one of the pioneering generations that arrived on the island country in the early 50’s. Through his poetry and other writings, he has kept the Malayalam language and culture alive in Singapore.


The blossoms swayed in the Aavani breeze
So did the mangoes dance in its gentle way

The young leafy branches of the big tree shook and swayed
The nightingales sang the melody of love.

Oh unknown lover!
For the delightful thrills of your arrival
Did I wait here.

In this grove did I string
My life’s hopes and wishes
Into a flower garland.

It’s wilting away in my hands
Yet won’t you arrive to wear it?

The stars of twilight are fading
The sweet mellow night is receding.

In my flickering lamp’s glow
Do I leave, along with my dreams.

On my lips linger a sweet smile
While anguish wells up in the corner of my eyes.

(1954, MK Bhasi)


Aavani- The months of August and September, known as Chingam in Malayalam. The period is characterised by bright sunshine, flowers in bloom and butterflies in South India, especially Kerala. The famous Onam festival is also celebrated during this time.


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